Tax Filing


General note for all students (F1, F1 CPT and F1 OPT Statuses) on Tax Filing 2016:

Individuals on the F1 Visa status who have been in the USA for 5 Years or Fewer are considered nonresident aliens for tax purposes and file forms 1040 NR or 1040 NR-EZ. Please note that Turbo Tax doesn’t support 1040 NR or any of its variants. There are few websites which will generate printable copies of the forms online (For Example Sprintax, Glacier Tax Prep.).

If you have been in the USA for six or more years, then you determine you qualify as a resident alien using either substantial presence test or Green Card test. If you qualify as a resident alien you can file Form 1040 or one of its variants which can be filed electronically, otherwise you back to Form 1040 NR and file physically (Send physical copies to IRS).

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