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Best things worth your money if bought in USA

  • Clothing – Better Quality and cheaper than India.

(Fun Fact: Top Quality 100% pure cotton clothing available in almost all top brands are MADE IN INDIA)

  • Cooking Utensils – Almost all the varieties of Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Silicon and rubber/plastic made utensils in the USA are better in quality and cheaper in

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List of Universities offering Day 1 CPT Programs

  • Minnesota School of Business – Day 1 CPT for MBA Program.
  • Harrisburg University- CPT after I Semester
  • Virginia International University – Day 1 CPT
  • Stratford University – Day 1 CPT
  • University of Virginia- Day 1 CPT
  • Trine University – CPT after I Semester.
  • Indiana Institute of Technology –  CPT after I Semester.
  • Devry University – Day 1 CPT available with

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