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It was in 2013, I decided to pursue my goals and Dollar dreams in the USA and started with my GRE and IELTS preparation. As soon as I received my score it was a long and confusing journey till I finally stepped in Chicago. But, this is just part of my story and the real challenge started later on. Finally today I have completed my Master’s and landed in a good job to start with. After B-tech in Hyderabad, in the long 4 years of journey in the US, I have come across quite a few happy, proud, amazing, disappointing, Winning and Losing situations. Life has shown me the every nook and corner of all kind of situations which are “Lifetime situations”. After All, this is more or less same kind of experience to all the Millennials who packed all their dreams and grandma’s pickles from India and are in the US today.

With all these experiences, just not mine but also the people I have come across and the people who traveled in the same boat with me all along would like to share our experiences and give you all the required information to get into the right university and right course for your better career.


“One stop for all the information you require for a smooth and safe life abroad”

Our mission is simple and pretty straight, we would like to give you the right information which helps you to get into the right universities and right courses and pursue your career goals in the USA, Canada, Australia etc..


Right now we are a handful of people here and trying to give the right information through this portal. Our whole idea is to team up with at least one University Official/Student  from every university in USA and get the complete information on : Admission requirements (GRE , IELTS/TOEFL and GPA), Scholarship or Funding opportunities on campus for international students, Course structure, Career opportunities, On-campus employment and so on..!

And also, we would like to bring the following services on board asap through this web portal:

  1. Profile Evaluation and universities short listing.
    1. Individual profile will be evaluated and universities short listings will be provided
    2. Complete profile of the university (Admission requirements, On-campus jobs availability, Funding or Scholarships Opportunities, Safety and security. Cost of living, Geek life)
  2. Dedicated one-on-one counseling over phone/skype and help you understand the whole process.
  3. Online GRE coaching.
  4. VISA Interview tips.
  5. Changing Immigration and Visa rules (F1, J1, and H1B)
  6. CPT and OPT details.

and much more…..!!


Team @Desistudentz.

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