Best things worth your money if bought in USA

  • Clothing – Better Quality and cheaper than India.

(Fun Fact: Top Quality 100% pure cotton clothing available in almost all top brands are MADE IN INDIA)

  • Cooking Utensils – Almost all the varieties of Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Silicon and rubber/plastic made utensils in the USA are better in quality and cheaper in price.

(Fun Fact: 80% of the highest-grade Copper made Vessels in the USA are MADE IN INDIA)

  • Healthy Foods – Super foods like Quinoa seeds, Chia Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachio, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Rolled Oats are higher in quality.
  • Electronics – Shopping electronics in the USA, especially Apple products like iPhone, IPad or Mac books save anywhere between $200 to $500. All other electronics in Samsun, LG, Motorola also comes at cheaper prices compared to India.
  • Supplements and Testing Kits – Vitamin, Calcium, Iron, and Fish Oil supplements are good in quality and reliable. And you can find Sugar, Blood Pressure testing kits which are reliable, portable and affordable.
  • Perfumes and Sunglasses – All most all big/sport/luxury brands of Perfumes and Sunglasses in the USA are cheaper than in India.
  • Leather wear – Louie Vuitton, MK, CK and Coach leather bags and belts make better gifts to your dear and near in India

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