The Most Important Documents for Students on F1 Visa

  • Passport -Keep your Passport safe and losing passport in the US is a big headache and will need a lot of efforts to get a new one.
  • SSN – Once you receive SSN, make sure you keep it safe along with the leaf as well.
  • I-20s – Make sure you preserve all your I-20s you received in your Master’s program.
  • The certificate you brought from India – All the certificates you brought from India (Ex: High School Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, and transcripts should be kept safely.
  • Tuition & Fee Receipts – Make sure you save all your tuition and fee receipts for at least 2 years after your graduation. You can have few tax benefits on your tuition and fee paid out of your pocket in the USA and most of the banks from which you have taken your student loan in India might ask you to submit these.
  • Insurance Coverage proof – Make sure you are insured for all the time you are in the USA and save your coverage docs for at least next 2 years.

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